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Posted on 2010.11.23 at 23:56
There are times when the world seems bleak and hopeless...and then I see my students and the embers inside spark to life again. In the Dresden files, Harry comments that anger when controlled and used appropriately becomes the passion that we need to do great things. I'm not so sure anything I do is "great" but it is full of passion. In the past I've been criticized for it, but at the moment it is what is keeping the fire alive inside of me. In talking with my father about some frustrations I have with the "work" side of my job I realized that it was fueling that passion; that fire. Anything that takes time from my students or preparing for my students pisses me off. Someone telling me to focus on the numbers in my program, on all having the same goals each week, on not offending anyone...angers me beyond belief.

I have asked for two years to have one day I could stay after school at the middle school and I keep getting scheduled at an elementary. I was told I needed to increase my numbers to warrant me staying there rather than teaching an elementary class. I do understand there is another side to everything and I conceded that, but I also said "if I didn't want to stay to help my kids, I don't think I should be teaching." A neutral expression and silence was my answer.

Miss G's real rules:

1. Don't tell me no, can't or won't. I will make it happen.
2. Don't take time away from my students or I get really pissy.
3. Don't fuck with my students or you will meet my anger, not my passion, and I don't give a shit who you are.
4. I'm not here for you and I'm not here for me; I'm here for my students. If it doesn't support that it's not worth my time.
5. Help my students or help me teach them better...otherwise get out of my way.

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