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Posted on 2010.10.27 at 22:14
First off...this is NOT an attempt to sway someone's opinion on abortion; in fact I have not and will not state mine. It IS an attempt to make people think about their actions, the responsibility they may shirk, and the effects even words have on others.

Google the daddyfiles.com. Search for the video of a father confronting protesters at an abortion clinic that shouted as he and his wife walked into it. Their baby had a congenital defect and was going to be stillborn. He says he doesn't want his wife to have to carry a dead baby. I'm sure they have also thought of what effect it might have on their first son who won't understand if mommy is going to have a baby and then suddenly doesn't.

I don't care what side of the fence you are on for abortion--or if you have a side. When we begin to treat those around us as less than human beings, when we start to intentionally cause hurt in others--verbally or otherwise, when we are unwilling to look someone in the eyes and walk in their shoes, when we judge; we lose our humanity. The illusion that we are any different from the monsters we protest, hate, sentence, convict...is lost. We become exactly what we claim is evil.

What bothers me the most about things like this is the lack of remorse and responsibility for their actions. Screaming at a woman who is carrying a dead baby inside her--who wanted another child to raise in love--and making her feel like a monster for killing her dead baby... And then when they find out they continue to push their cause...what is their cause? Because it sure as hell has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus and it has nothing to do with saving a life. Screaming the loudest and getting people to agree has become their cause, not what they are protesting. Some women may commit suicide for having the abortion, but how many are pushed to it by society telling them they are a waste of space for making that decision.

Last I checked it was not our place to judge another; that is God's. You don't have to agree, you can voice your opinion, but when you do it at the expense of your own humanity your justification fails and your faith is false. Are people really so self-centered and self-righteous they can't see their words of hate do just as much damage if not more than any physical act? Disagree, voice your opinion and beliefs, but do so with compassion. Without compassion it has nothing to do with beliefs, saving lives, or improving the lives of others; it is only a selfish act to make you feel better by putting others down or hurting them.

I have no problem if someone disagrees with my beliefs, but to treat me as less than a human being...you've turned your back on all that your beliefs have taught you. Except unlike the psychotic YOU had a choice.

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