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Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave...

Posted on 2010.07.20 at 11:16
So, just when you think something is over and done with...

What are the chances that I would run into Akessa while fishing? She started up a conversation and I struggled with the decision to tell her about Robby or stay silent. In the end, I felt she deserved to know the truth; it is what I would have wanted. In fact, I was frustrated with people who knew what was really going on and didn't bring it to my attention. I don't think anyone did it on purpose and I don't think they knew everything, but they were seeing it from an objective point of view and saw things that didn't add up before I did. But that is in the past now.

At first I don't think she believed me. I didn't know how to say it so I gave her the link to my live journal. I hated saying something that I knew would be upsetting, but I really felt it was the right thing to do. She asked some specific questions and I gave the answers and I think that is when she started to believe me. I know she talked to a few others who knew some of what was going on. When she confronted Robby however, he told her if she believed me they were over.

He logged on and sent me a message saying "I hope you're happy with this drama you're causing. It'll come back to you." To which I replied, "I didn't cause this; you're the one that lied. You lied to her the way you lied to me and she deserves to know the truth." He went offline and she came back online and asked me more questions.

I found out that there were even more lies and wasn't particularly keen on having to deal with them. There was another girl who he was going to meet but she backed out. This is the person he spends lots of time with but says she's like a sister. Myself, Akessa, and the girls boyfriend have all be suspicious of them. When I left the guild, I thought I was finished. I started to move on with my life and now it's all been stirred back up. I realized how he had manipulated me and painted such a bad picture of Akessa. After talking to her, I think those were lies too. There was some truth, but he manipulated her into not socializing and spread rumors about her the same way he did with me. I realized it wasn't her, it was him.

Eventually he admitted to having some form of a relationship with me, but the timeline was way off. I guess it's just too difficult for him to tell the truth.

It seems life just can't ever be simple. I wish Akessa the best and hope she finds someone who will treat her with the respect and love she deserves. I am definitely glad to be away from him. I am still hurt by the guild and friends who turned their back on me because of him, but it's not worth my time to lament on it. I'm walking forward and the people who listened to him and get caught up in his drama will find out in time. I just want to get as far away from all of this as possible.

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