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Never Again

Posted on 2010.07.03 at 03:27
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So, this is about my online gaming experience. If you're interested in the past year please read on, if not then go do something else. :P

Dear Robby Ingram,

You are indeed a bad person. You lie, you manipulate, you stir drama behind people's backs and you leech off of a person to get what you want then throw their friendship aside like trash. You can kiss my ass. I am using your real name so that if any female happens to find you she will be warned of the darkness ahead. Let's start with the lies...

* You said you weren't talking to Akessa and you were not in a relationship with her.

Why the hell I believed you I can't say as I asked on more than one occasion after I stumbled upon questionable information...like seeing your facebook's comments. I won't ignore that intuition again.

* You claim to have been in the military, special forces...riiiiight.

I've never believed any of your fantastic stories, just would take that there was some grain of truth to them and didn't ask you to elaborate.

* Any time I questioned you on something you had a world ending temper tantrum.

Do you really think that's how to treat people? How many other people have you manipulated with your sad story?

* You claim to be bipolar and have a poor relationship with your parents.

Yet on facebook every picture is fine and dandy.

* You say you are trying to get into medical school and did well on the MCAT's.

Yet when I tried to help you with your homework once you had trouble with the writing part. I'm pretty sure a doctor has to be literate and well versed enough to quote things properly and stay up to date for their patients.

As time progressed...things just didn't add up and suddenly you decided it was time to stop calling me every night, stop talking to me period in fact. Let me ask you this, does Akessa know how we were going to meet this summer, of all the sexual things you said to me? I doubt it. And she probably won't figure it out. Granted she manipulates people through drama in her own way, so maybe you deserve each other. I feel bad for her kids to get such a crappy lot in life.

So you went and claimed I was stalking you, huh? You were spreading lies and rumors all this time behind my back. That's mature...great doctor material right there. You do realize you have to take an oath of ethics when you become a doctor, if you get in to a school. Everything makes perfect sense now. You lied to me about everything, used me on those lonely nights to talk to, then went behind my back to try to ruin my reputation in the guild so you wouldn't have to do anything...I would just magically go away.

It must be nice to think so little of human beings...perhaps you see humans as Dr. Mengele did. If you don't know who that is, you might want to look it up as he was kind of important to history and science.

So now I move on to the guild. Don't get me wrong, there are some good people in it, but it's ripe with Mr. Robby's drama with his disabled sidekick. I am not always the most agreeable person, but I do my best and I try to right anything I say that upsets someone. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Unfortunately, the officers do not. Apparently I was soooo horrible that people were leaving the guild. Although I never saw anyone leave on the logs. So let's look at facts, because after all...the GM's of that guild should rely on those more than their officers' opinions right?

1. Lineage was a shadow priest and became a paladin.
2. Robby convinces me to join the guild, I believe I will be happier in this one rather than another.
3. Robby calls me every night.
4. Robby starts to act weird.
5. I say something that comes out wrong. I talk to the person to fix it.
6. The person and I seem to get along better.
7. I see that the arena team I'm on is doing arena without me.
8. I make a comment to one of the members and they blow up at me thinking I am talking about something else.
9. Lineage jumps on vent and starts yelling at me, telling me how I am not going to screw this up (whatever this is) and how she is disabled and this is the only place she can be seen as normal is online, etc.
10. I have never treated her differently than anyone else and don't see what her disability has to do with me.
11. She denies they are doing arena.
12. I point out that Blizzard keeps track and posts it in the stats; they had done 40 matches.
13. She again says they are not doing arena; I say 40 matches is more than none.
14. She then says that I was there, I had never done an arena with them, which was obvious from my stats.
15. The next day I'm pulled in vent with all the officers to be asked to leave for drama.
16. I am accused of harassing people and calling/texting/emailing constantly.
17. I texted Robby twice and I had every right to as he was just not speaking all the sudden.
18. I don't have anyone's number to call, text, or email except Robby's. (And I don't have his email)
19. They say they did an investigation on me. In a game. That we all pay for.
20. They say they asked Robby questions about me, but agreed it was none of their business.
21. I refuse to talk about things any further, tell them they're wrong and leave.

Now, the people who I was supposedly harassing I considered friends. Obviously I was quite wrong, but at the time I talked to them the way I would any of my friends. Interested in their day, their life, sharing mine...helping if I could, listening if I could, etc. Sometimes I would ask for advice or just need to talk to someone I thought cared. Somehow this is harassment in that guild. Of course, I'm texting them constantly according to them.

After I leave, I find out all the rumors dear Robby Ingram has said about me. Why the fuck no one said something earlier is beyond me, but whatever. I would have confronted him if they had. So the guild has been given all this information but this wonderful specimen of humanity, that I am stalking him, came to the guild to follow him and won't leave him alone.

Did I say hello when he'd come on? Yes. If he didn't want to talk did I push him? Nope. I guess saying hello is just too much for some people. Although he had no problem if other people said it. In fact he'd spend hours in vent with other people, especially females. I'm seeing a pattern here... And stalking? HE was calling ME every night, I have phone records to prove that so I don't know what the hell that came from.

So, because I trusted people and took them at their word...I was not only screwed over, I was treated like crap and cast aside like garbage. I'm mad at myself for not trusting my intuition and I'm pissed at the people in the guild for being so...blind about this whole situation. The GM's don't know what happens in their guild and the drama is running a bit rampant between Robby and Lineage and Svelvet (although I don't think Svelvet does it on purpose like the other two.)

Before I left, we were not allowed to make a "stacked" 10 man group as it was excluding people. After I leave, within a week one of the officers ends up in a random group with me and comments that they are doing ICC hardmodes with a stacked group. Hmmm. Lineage is suddenly playing on her shadow priest a lot more. Hmmm.

It gets better. I sent a message to one of the officers I really felt had been my friend so that I could say a few things and try to see if we were still friends, if I was just upset and seeing things the wrong way, etc. He banned me from the forum, looked up my email address (which was set to private) and emailed me. In this email he threatened that if I SPOKE to anyone from the guild or tried to contact them in any way he was going to talk to Blizzard to get me banned.

Now. I responded despite him saying not to...why? Because I 1. no longer give a shit and 2. Blizzard isn't going to ban me because of something that happens outside of WoW. Here's what I said:

"I take threats very seriously...especially when you go to the trouble of looking up my email when it should have been kept private. I have NO desire to have anything at all to do with Grim Legion, so you need not worry about that. You did not read the message I sent to try end things on friendly terms, so I will not waste my time with you or anyone from Grim Legion. Arrogant to think I would. But I DO take threats quite seriously, so please be so kind to leave ME alone."

I guess you really can't trust anyone on the internet. Kinda sad as I know there have to be some people like me out there who are honest. Unfortunately it seems most people are bottom feeders just wanting to latch on to you until they get what you want and then like good parasites, they'll jump to the next host.

Long story short: this will NEVER happen again.

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