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*blank stare*

Posted on 2005.07.24 at 04:10
Current Music: Boku wa Koko ni Iru ~Alphonse Elric Songfile
Ugh...so I have no idea where this brain of mine is going. Anyway, here's another bit, I'm not sure if it'll stay or not. It was one of those things were you just start writing and then you're finished with the feeling and you look back and go...WTF?!

Clear indigo eyes shone brightly as she rounded the corner and then widened in shock. “No.” she breathed. He was laid on an altar of stone. His one arm feel over the side, a liquid dripping from his fingertips to a growing pool on the floor. She ran forward, not thinking of the danger that could be waiting. In the moonlight she could see markings on the altar and his body in blood. Tear suddenly swelled up.

“Aidan.” She hugged him close, unable to let go, as if holding him might bring him back. ‘I failed him. After all we’ve been through, in the end, I still couldn’t protect him. I couldn’t do a damn thing. Just like back then. I’m so sorry Aidan.’

Her head snapped to the sound of harsh laughter. Gently she laid him down and unseathed the sword. ‘Guide my sword to peirce his soul and send him back to hell.’ With that she jumped forward thrusting the sword in an arc in front of her. Darkness swirled around her.

“Do you really think you can defeat me?” it laughed. “He begged for mercy you know.” Swoosh. “And cried terribly. ‘Sister, sister, why!? Where are you?’” Swish. “Haha, you cannot bet us. We are far older and hold more power than you. Even now I hold his soul,” Woosh. “He will continue to live in torment, just by my will.”

Claws far too long sliced through her arm. She winced and jumped back, breathing heavily.

I must get there before she does something too reckless. How am I to know where she is? I suppose calling out would get myself killed in a place like this.

She ran forward again, only to be hurled back with another lash leaving thick poisoned marks leaking blood from her side. ‘Damn. I’m not strong enough to fight him. There must be some way...’

As he reached the edge of the clearing he saw her, continuously throwing herself at a towering dark figure that couldn’t be called a solid being. It was like looking at tattered darkness. She turned her sword flat and thrust forward again, one hand on the hilt, the other on the blade, catching his claws.

‘If I can just push a little further, I’ll be there.’ A loud growl forced the rest of her strength forward, but all to soon the claws began to sink closer towards her once again. Suddenly she felt strong arms on hers and strong hands pushing back with hers. Her eyes widen as she knew there was only one person STUPID enough to get involved in this. She smirked anyway and pushed the sword to the bottom of the claws. Roughly, she pushed the helping hand away and turned the sword on its side and thrust it downward into the ground, slicing her own palm to do so.

Surprised, the angel started to laugh again, but this was soon became a screech when a dagger was thrust into its chest. All too late did it notice the hilt of the sword empty of its crowning jewel. Abruptly small hands were thrust into the wound, it clawed and writhed ceaselessly until a bright light pulled through its chest and from its lips escaped the most horrifying sound imaginable.

“Now, dark angel, you secrets are finished. I hold your soul with my hands, and at them you will die. I am not God, so I will not judge you, but I will send you back to hell.” Her eyes seemed aglow in the shining light. And with a scream, she closed her hands around the beating light and for just a moment, nothing seemed to exist. No light, no sound, no life. The sound of her first breath seemed to startle the world back to life.

She heard footsteps approach her. “Kiera.” “I couldn’t help him, Duncan. I didn’t get here in time. He’s gone, because of me. I failed him.” He started to reach out for her, but abruptly she got up and walked to her fallen brother. It was only then that he noticed the trail of blood following her. She nearly collapsed on the altar with him as she one last time took him in her arms.

“Kiera, you need a doctor...we’ll take him home–“
“NO! There is one more thing I must do.”
“You need attention now!”
“I don’t care! You don’t understand.” As she turned to him he saw the fire in her eyes, one that was desparate and dangerous and unlike anything he had seen before. It scared him and he seemed froze to the spot.

Using her own blood, she traced a seal on his forehead and chest. Straddling him, she looked down at a face contorted with pain and torture. Choking on a sob she looked towards the sky and began speaking:

“Angels, hear me now. We have done what you asked. Now free my brother from this prison. If you will not let me bear his weight, at least let me bear the weight of freeing his soul from the hell your tasks have led him to.”

She looked down at him and rested her head against his for a moment, “Forgive me.” And with that she took the dagger and cleaned its blade, then forced it into her brother’s chest. “KIERA!” He was unable to do anything except stand there. In horror he watched as she pulled from his chest a dark throbbing light. A shadow seemed to fall all around them, even their fair skin muted by it. But her eyes were still aglow and her tears were like stars in a velvet sky. She held the dark light and closed her eyes. When they opened again, there was no sadness and no tears. And then she closed her grasp upon it and the darkness shattered and set forth a light brighter than the sun. The world suddenly seemed to come to life, unlike the last time. His eyes were drawn to the sky and when he finally remembered why he had come to these woods, they fell to her lifeless form on the alter.

“Kiera!” He rushed to take her in his arms, but she pushed him away, only allowing him to help her sit up.
“I’m fine.” She looked over and her brother who, although covered in blood, now looked peaceful. “I couldn’t save his life, so I did the only thing I could do. I released his soul from the hell it had been taken to.”
“I’m afraid I don’t understand but you need a doctor and–“ he looked down, “you’re bleeding even more and–“ he noticed her chest was bleeding profusely.
“What I did was forbidden, but I couldn’t leave him there alone. The consequences for me don’t matter. They can take my life or my soul, but I couldn’t ....let him...stay...li-ke...”

She passed out in his arms and he held her close as he ran as fast as he could through a forest he didn’t know. As the first rays of the sun touched the small body, he slowly opened blue eyes and closed them on tears. “Sister. Thank you.” Slowly he sat up and looked the direction she had left, then up towards the sky. “I’m ready.”

© Kalla July 24, 2005

In other news...cherries are a good thing. I don't see a point in selling a tea maker that requires filters with 1. no filters and 2. not saying it needs them. -_-


ex_rong at 2005-07-25 09:39 (UTC) (Link)
Whoah! That was one piece of writing man! Erm, I mean to say its really fantastic. But what is it abt? Fanfiction or some novel tat u are working on?
akiko_kalla at 2005-07-25 17:57 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks, although I'm not sure it's warrented...I'm not sure WHERE that came from. Well, it's a story I'm working on, hopefully more like a book. The characters are my own. I've designed the background plot to be basically about the war in heaven--fallen angels vs. those still in God's grace. The story itself however, is centered around a brother and sister and what happens to them. I have more if you want to see it; I think after this bit I had 22 pages, but it's all out of order. Kinda like my brain! hehe.
ex_rong at 2005-07-26 05:08 (UTC) (Link)
Woah! Shd compile and tidy it up for a novel! Are you writing abt yr brother and yrself? =)
akiko_kalla at 2005-07-26 05:30 (UTC) (Link)
Well it is somewhat inspired by my relationship with my brother yes. Of course my brother and I don't actually fight fallen angels, but...hehe. At least their personalities at this point are based upon us, but other than that the characters are fictitious.
ex_rong at 2005-07-26 09:33 (UTC) (Link)
Hmm.. that's interesting. Writing a novel is a lot of hard work...
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