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Returning to Life

Posted on 2010.06.18 at 02:59
So. Been a hell of a long time. I don't even know if any of the people I was friends with still read this journal. But then I suppose a journal is more of a private log anyway.

Work Situation: Much improved.
Health: Improving

I fell prey to the World of Warcraft. I started to put all my free time into it as if it were a job and I have sort of burnt out on it a bit. I am still very much involved, but after my past guild experiences I am far from staying riveted to my computer screen.

I met a guy, Robby. At first I was drawn to him to help him...the wrong reason I know. I became friends, then more...at least as much as distance would allow. In the end I was manipulated and betrayed by people I believed were my friends. I left the guild being told I was the source of drama when in fact it was he. I was merely reflecting it because I was concerned if he was okay. I also caught an officer in a blatant lie which I'm sure didn't help.

The funny thing was a few days after this all happened, it was like I was over it. Indeed the bond that felt strong was obviously not. I am more hurt by the other people in the guild than I was by him. Somewhere in my mind the thought tells me this is odd, but if I don't feel sad about it, why try to? I think he was just that much of a douche that I have absolutely no regrets in having him out of my life and I'm so much happier without his drama.

All in all, I'm MUCH happier now. I'm in a guild with my brother and pug raids when I can, do arena, and do it on MY time and MY terms. There's also this thing about a cute guy I am flirting with, but we'll have to see where that goes... I considering starting tae kwon do and am losing the weight I gained, so that definitely adds to this upward swing. ^_^

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