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Posted on 2008.11.18 at 16:23
I am beginning to understand that part of what happened last year was a difference in philosophy. Our goals are the same, but we are almost opposite in what we value to get there. My philosophy:

* I am unwilling to sacrifice someone's self-esteem, well-being, or the like to get the desired result.
* I motivate students by how I connect with them and trust.
* I seek to inspire students and they are my inspiration.
* Emotional attachment is not something I avoid.
* I believe there is always a positive way to say something and it is better to ask for what you want than what you do not want.
* I believe I must take students from where they are at...even if that means teaching them behavior, emotional regulation, or problem solving skills.
* I do not believe, nor am I motivated, but competition or negativity.
* I do not believe in being negative towards others just because they are adults.
* I am a humanitarian at heart and that will underline anything I do.
* I do not judge the limit of my students; they should show me...my job is to support and help them grow.
* I believe in using emotions rather than hiding them.
* I believe there is always something of value to be learned.
* I value a small select group of people's opinions, not what "important" people think.
* Success is seeing my students improve, become independent, and smile along the way; it is NOT a world-class performance.
* I believe in making my students independent and taking responsibility for their learning.
* I believe in showing compassion to everyone, including adults.

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