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Busy Start

Posted on 2008.09.06 at 15:39
I think I finally feel somewhat organized about this year. I have left my position as a private teacher which was very difficult. I had 18 in my studio and some of them even cried the whole lesson. I felt bad because I could not prepare them for it. Once the school year started and I saw what my schedule was going to be I quickly realized having two jobs was just not a healthy option. I also do not like the teacher they were transferred to at all. I hope they will all find the right teacher who can stay with them.

Financially I got a pay increase because I have 15 graduate credit hours so it puts me above what I was making last year with two jobs. I will still have to budget and have no extra money, but I think I can do it without a second job. Also, I am being paid a small amount to take this ESL class as it is outside of the school day. I will take the PRAXIS test for ESL in November and hopefully pass. Then all I have to worry about is finishing my masters.

Most of my students are so excited and ready to play...I'm going to try very hard to encourage that the whole year. I feel a little better about this year too because not only do I have a direction in the middle school, but I can identify problems much more quickly. Yes, I think this year will be much better than last. ^_^

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