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Cliff Notes

Posted on 2005.07.12 at 02:15
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Okay, so I've decided on the basic storyline. I need some place to put my notes and being as my documents folder is a disaster, I'm posting the notes so I can find them. It'll take at least a day to clean up all the files on my computer. Organized chaos is my motto. heh. ^_~

*runs fingers through hair* I think this will have to do for now. But at least I'm forming the background of the plot. That's what's sad, all this effort is so the foundation and indentity of characters who are dead is established. Hopefully once I get this all figured out though, everything else will fall into place. At least that is what I'm hoping. *sigh*

*Raziel--yellow aura, sky blue wings, liquid grey cloak, cheribum and guardian, wrote book with all celestial and earthly knowledge and gave to Adam, written in an unreadable language, angel of mysteries, holds information on secret, arcane and mysterious, stands at curtain between god and creation

*Gabriel--(backwards silver, gemini) ruler of first heaven, Intermediary between heaven and earth

*Maktiel--dominion over trees

*Metatron--appears as pillar of fire, female: Shekinah, link between human and divine, takes orders from God of the souls to be take and gives orders to Gabriel and Sammael

*Michael--(gold, leo)battles with evil, lead to triumph over hell, Prince of Seraphim, defends the people, cheribim formed from his tears over people's sins, controls weather, spirit of mercury, also appears to be linked with healing

*Chairotopa near Colossae--springs where all who bathed there were healed, Michael split the rock at Colossae with lightening, changed the riverbed and sanctified the waters

*Mikhar(Mikheus)--celestial entity with powers over the springs of life

*Pride--spiritual sin, Lucifer's sin

*Envy--spiritual sin

*Salilus--opens sealed doors

*Sammael (Samael, Satanil, Samil, Satan, Seir, Salmael,--depicted as both good and bad depending on text, angel of death, fell from heaven, name means sam-poison, el-angel

*Sedim--guardian spirits, invoked in the exorcism of evil spirits.

*Grigori--fallen angels, watchers, imparted much knowledge to early civilisation, took husbands and wives while neglecting heavenly duties, banished by god, watch the portals and note the use of magic, one at each point (North, South, East, West) (Formalhaut, Regulus, Aldebaran, Antares), not all are evil--some dwell in 5th heaven (holy) instead of 3rd heaven

*Nephilim--offspring of grigori and human females; it is said that the great floods were to rid the earth of them

*Angelic script--derived from hebrew

*Cassiel--sometimes said to be good carrying Gabriel's flag, bearded king with wings, nature is to give leave to kill and murder and maim

*Lucifuges--spirit of night, afraid of light, vindictive, kill on command by touch or breath

*Marchocias--wolf with wings and a serpent tail, great soldier, after 1,200 years wished to return to heaven but was decieved

*Paimon--knows all arts and secrets to nature, can bind spirit to do conjuror's bidding, effeminate man who wears a crown, King of the West, Fallen angel


*Raziel--Star of David enclosed by two circles

*God's Throne--two pyramids merged together, one point up one down


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