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Cosplay Question

Posted on 2007.06.02 at 22:07
Current Location: Dallas A-Con
Okay. So I've been at A-con and it's been a blast, aside from some disappointments at the Rocky Horror Picture Show and the cosplay performances. I've spent far too much money, but over $200 of it was on my costume for next year. The rest purchased three artbooks, doujinshi, two Tsubasa prints, a commissioned piece of Subaru and Seishirou, a seal kooshy, a small mokona, a brocade bag, some pins and buttons, some t-shirts (since I only have teacher clothes to wear to a damned anime convention) and the entire Vampire Princess Miyu manga in Japanese. Too damned much money. When I'm not sleep deprived and wheeling from the smell of otaku I will probably have a rude awakening. But you're supposed to go overboard on your first time, right? I did quite well until today with the corset and some t-shirts, but aside from Theatre in the Park t-shirts I don't have any casual clothing anymore. (I don't even own a pair of jeans that fit really.)

In my feet protesting escapades, I have decided to play Sakura from Tsubasa next year. The cover page for Chapter 140 to be exact.

I bought a real corset, which does have very dark green silk in the front sides under the black silk and lace, and I think I can make most of the rest of the costume. I have some questions if anyone has advice. Her pendant on the choker--I can't really tell what it is. Does anyone have a better picture of it? Also, does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about making the hat, wings, and attaching the lace and "feathers" to the shoes? I am going to use a light cream color for the "white" portions in the image I think, but any suggestions on subtle variances would be helpful. The green that is under the silk is actually almost black if that makes a difference. I'm also debating what type of material to use for both the skirt and the undershirt, or if they should be one piece connected at some point.

I do plan to use my own hair by pinning the excess under the hat and letting the strands hang down to for the rest if it will work. Anything to not wear a wig. I splurged greatly on the corset so I don't have TONS of money to invest, but this is for next summer so I do have some money to work with during the year.

Any advice would be most appreciative. I do play on sewing the rest myself and only buying what is absolutely necessary to not look like threw it together at the last minute or like the guy who showed up with foil attached to various parts of his body. He didn't enter the cosplay. Thank you in advance to any advice.

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