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Posted on 2007.02.03 at 19:57
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Dear Fuckhead,

I understand that for you being unnecessarily harsh with a colleague may get the target behavior to change. And while I think there may be moments where such agression is necessary, such as a matter of life and death, not everyone will respond in the way you wish. There also is the matter of gender that while it legally should not matter, in practice does and leaves me at a particularly strong disadvantage in regards to the person of which I was speaking. My point, had you let me finish, is that I am not willing to sacrifice the instability that already exists between this person and the students just to prove a point. I prefer to take the more professional approach.

May I also remind you that you are not my superior and if you speak to me in such a manner again you will find out exactly what showing your unprofessionalism brings out in me.

Sincerely go to hell,
Your colleague

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