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What do you teach those around you?

Posted on 2006.06.30 at 00:58
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Just a couple of thoughts I've had given recent comments on indigos, starseeds, etc. and abortion. And I make not attempt what-so-ever to be "PC" or comforting.

I don't know what it is, but I'm really sick of hearing people talk about how "special" they are. Indigos, starseeds, Crystals, Rainbows, whatever. Just because you have a memory or think you do, does not mean you are better or more enlightened than those around you. In fact, if you go around discussing it in such a manner I am led to believe you are not what you say you are. I'm not angry, just tied.

We are all here for a reason and when we focus on what separates us and look at others as less enlightened or less spiritual or less anything, we are not only pushing ourselves further from our purpose, but we are putting forth negative energy into the universe. Arrogance and ego only hinder a person from achieving their goals.

Just because you fit a vague list of trends does not make you an indigo or whatever. Even if you truly are, it doesn't make you more important or more special than anyone else. We are each beautiful unique spiritual creatures living in a human body on this planet at this moment. If you have other purposes relating to your spiritual past, great. It does not lessen this simple fact however, nor does it excuse you from your responsibility to this world you have chosen to set foot in.

I'm not angry, I'm saddened and I'm very tired of being sad.

On a forum there was a thread about abortion. Just reading the posts without having posted made me feel like I was bashing my head in a padded room. People are free to their personal beliefs--I personally feel taking life is wrong in any manner and I do not think I could do it save to end suffering of one already dying. However, I believe just as strongly that it is not my place to judge another's views and beliefs on such a matter.

Everyone talks about those using it for birth control which is followed up with the counter argument for rape. I hate this for two reasons. First, it ignores all the other reasons a person may have an abortion...such as the adoption services are more like slavery or abusive at best, they have already lost a child to an illness that is once again appearing in another child, it will kill the mother, the child will be terribly deformed or disabled, etc. There are more views than right and wrong for the world is not black and white. Limiting our view makes a person so narrow minded they miss the real issue.

Which leads me to my second reason. Making abortion legal or illegal will change nothing, nor will it solve anything. Those who feel it is necessary--either for convience or true compassion--will go to have it done and there ewill be those who will do it. The problem is not the legal issue at all: I think it should be legal. There are times when it is medically necessary or at least strongly suggested. For these reasons it should not be illegal. However, you can't just allow people to not take responsibility. Oh...responsibility, what's that?

Never have I heard or seen a debate about abortion where it comes to "WHY are they having sex so much/easily? WHY do they feel it okay to just abuse the freedom that is given to them by law?" Instead the debate swirls around murder and freedom issues. The problem is not murder and the problem is not freedom. Ask any semi-intelligent human being and they will say murder is wrong. They will also say freedom is good/necessary/some positive modifier. Yes I'm assuming here, but just go with me for the sake of this point. The problem isn't in legal issues or right or wrong; the problem is the lack of personal responsibility people feel and maintain in the world.

WHO taught the children that it is okay to just cast aside their responsibility? Who taught them to blame someone else? Who taught them that someone will always rescue them? Who taught them how to dodge around this responsibility? Who taught them that their part isn't that important? Who taught them that it's okay to slack off? Who taught them that what is important? Who taught them that convience is to be valued over these responsibilites?

When people start addressing these issues, there will not longer be a need for debates as the problem will cease to exist. I suspect most problems I see in the world will magically disappear when people start facing the real issues at hand rather than focusing on an ultimately useless flame-fest that tries to put religion against legislature.

These are times when I see how the indigos and starseeds and such have fallen so quickly and so deeply into ego. I do not think I will ever understand why humans behave the way they do or why just using your brain is so damned difficult. But I do not think that is because of my soul--I think anyone who has progressed to the point beyond blame and chosen ignorance would have difficulty here. Most do not seem to see how connected things are, or they choose not to at least. Again, I'm not angry I just hope for the world my future children will live in to be a better place than it is today. It won't get there though, if people keep separating themselves either by labels and elitism, or by not addressing the real problem within themselves and the world they have created.

Meh, I dunno that I like this particular layout...but we'll try it and see if it holds.


(Anonymous) at 2006-07-03 09:28 (UTC) (Link)

I am teh Ollie-spers from teh aforemnentied AF teh teh.

akiko_kalla at 2006-07-03 23:36 (UTC) (Link)

Re: I am teh Ollie-spers from teh aforemnentied AF teh teh.

wow...someone actually followed that link. *hugs back*
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