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Posted on 2015.11.26 at 00:28
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I have been sick for three weeks. I only felt bad for about one, but this cough has hung on. On Tuesday I coughed so hard I threw up...all over the music office. It isn't the first time I've done that from a cough at school, but it is the first time I didn't make it to a trash can or toilet soon enough. I also started to feel just unwell in general. I had also nearly lost my voice and while it was back I still can't sing which is concerning when you teach music all day.

However, when I woke up today it didn't seem as bad so I almost didn't go to the doctor. In the past I go and they just tell me to take mucinex, nyquil, use a humidfier, drink fluids, rest, etc. The average time to have a cough is 18 days after you feel better. I was on the borderline of that, so I really wasn't expecting anything as I've coughed like this before and been told it's just a cough.

This time however, I was told she could hear wheezing and she gave me a z-pack and prednisone along with cough syrup (with codeine). She said it was bronchitis and we needed to make sure it didn't turn into pneumonia. She emphasized I needed to continue the mucinex and other stuff but to add this. I get this every year and it's always bad like this...usually it goes from September to March, but I thought I was doing better to have it wait until November. Now I'm wondering if I should have been given stuff in the past but it was just treated like a cold.

At any rate, I'm not particularly happy with prednisone, but she wants to reduce the inflammation. At any rate, I am spending Thanksgiving at home with myself. I do have stuff to make green bean casserole and mashed potatoes, which is really what I want anyway. I will miss seeing everyone, but I probably do need to just sleep and rest so I can get over this. I guess it really was time to go to the doctor...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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