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Buy More Coke!

Posted on 2014.02.05 at 00:50
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Re: The Coca-Cola "America" commercial.  Seriously people?  As someone of Native American descent (and Irish), I find these negative comments/tweets/etc. awfully ignorant.  To anyone who isn't full-blooded Native American, you are an immigrant, or the descendant, who brought your own language and culture with you.  As an American, who understands history and that our country was founded upon freedom of religion, speech, and pursuit of happiness, it's just flat out insulting the comments being posted.

Fact check.  America does not have an official language.  Those claiming English...that was stolen from England.  Just because English is the preferred language to communicate to strangers in doesn't mean other languages should not be recognized and celebrated for what they bring to English.  Side note, since most arguments with this center around the constitution being written in English...it's written in proper English and considering the number of people who can't tell when to use your vs. you're, their/there/they're, or affect vs. effect...I'm not sure I can say we still speak the same language.  Moreover, there are different dialects of "English" within the United States...

Fact check.  Most of us are descendants of immigrants be they the first or the most recent.  American should be celebrated for its rich diversity of cultures it has and part of culture is language...this is something to celebrate; the freedoms our forefathers fought so diligently for are being expressed in song.

Fact check.  They were singing about AMERICA.  How is it un-American to sing about the beauty of America?  News Flash...just because the words are in another language, it doesn't make the words less reverent.

Fact check.  Most people I see posting either don't realize what they are saying, have a poor grasp of English themselves, are woefully uneducated on American History, and/or are just jumping on the bandwagon so they can bitch about the "new" thing to fit in.  The message was utterly lost on these people and that is sad...it is embarrassing as an American to see so many Americans criticizing a message of peace, unity, and acceptance--OF AMERICANS.

Some say we need to focus less on our differences.  That I actually agree with, but celebrating our roots and diversity is not necessarily focusing on our differences.  When two people get married they do not become one person and do everything the same and together; rather the differences enhance the similarities and together the relationship will flourish.  The same is true with society.  The ones focusing on the differences are the those spewing negativity about the commercial.  (Which being so worked up about one commercial seems silly in the first place...why do people even care?)  Another point about this is if we never talk about the differences, they will remain differences that separate us rather than unite us.  The whole point is that these differences can unite us rather than separate.
Sadly the message of us uniting in the midst of our difference to become stronger as a nation, and recognizing that beauty in each of us regardless of differences, was totally lost on even the semi-critical thinkers.

I just don't get it.  Grow up people!  There is more to the world, and this country, than your little box.

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