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Year's End

Posted on 2012.12.30 at 01:05
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Well, despite all the health issues, this year has been fairly decent.  Things are going well with my orchestras, albeit the stress level is a bit high this time of year, and things continue to improve with colleagues.  I'm even going to the state music conference at the end of February and I'm very excited about it.  I got to see The Hobbit and it rekindled my love of Tolkien even more...not that it ever left as I always reread Lord of the Rings at least once a year.  My financial situation is less restrictive, but we will see what happens with rent this upcoming year.  My car is still hanging in there.  I have been spending a lot of time, especially since I've been sick, with my two kitties who make everything better. 

I haven't had a chance to see my mother yet for Christmas...which means I still have several gifts for that side of the family on my table, but I did get to see my father.  I got a blue ray player and Lord of the Rings for it as well as some other odds and ends, mostly Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit related.  I also started to look into my ancestry again and made some progress there.  It looks like I at least have Chickasaw and Cherokee heritage and possibly more, it's rumored to be Hopi.  I'm at a point now though where I need to pay for records.

I am contemplating buying some t-shirts from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings as well as the Lord of the Rings extended edition for blue ray.  I'm going to sleep on it first...the dvds are half off and the t-shirts are buy one get one half off, so it's probably better to get it all at once. 

I am looking forward to this year despite the issues awaiting me.  To be honest, I have always felt inside that I would spend my life alone and childless even though I wanted a family more than anything.  Most people miss that fact about me because I tend not to advertise the really important matters.  It will be difficult if I end up finding out there is no way I will have a child soon, but I have felt it coming since I was about sixteen.  Perhaps this is why I am so drawn to the literature I read...it creates a kind of alternative reality I can find that companionship in.  At any rate, we will see what tomorrow holds and go from there.  I have many dreams and wishes and every intention to see as many of them through as possible this coming year.

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