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Here We Go Again

Posted on 2012.01.09 at 18:16
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Getting sick. Again. Seriously!? The cough is getting worse, my body is aching, my head is starting to hurt and my ears are even bothering me--and my ears NEVER bother me. It's only been five days since I was back at school...What. The. Fuck?!

I'm scared to ask T-mobile how expensive the plan is that includes internet...just so I can check facebook, weather, or email...nothing like streaming movies or anything like that. Then of course the price of the phone. Maybe I will stop in tomorrow.

I am going to take a hot shower, eat some dinner, read some Lord of the Rings, take the good NyQuil and go to bed early. My left shoulder has started having issues again too, so a good night's rest should help. If not I have a bottle of Aleve.

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