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Mulled Wine

Posted on 2011.12.28 at 00:27
Current Music: 恋心  D. Gray-Man Soundtrack
I got a crock-pot slow cooker from my mom and stepfather for Christmas. So the first thing I make is mulled wine of course! I'm finishing the entire bottle. I also discovered I dislike anise because it tastes like licorice. Other than that it was pretty good, especially for a first try and just winging it. I should be tired but...I'm very awake. And have a small lion wanting to sit in my lap.

I am in a very strange and talkative mood. Unfortunately I don't really have anyone to talk to...it's kind of annoying. I think I may be getting sick again but I really don't care right now. Not like I can stop it if I am anyway.

I feel like I'm on the edge of something but I'm not really sure what it is. It's exciting. It's probably foreboding about my car, health, upcoming music festival, etc. and I'm mistaking anxiety for excitement or something. Oh well, I'd rather think it exciting. Still, I do wonder...

It's weird how you can be confused but also see things so clearly. It shouldn't be possible. Maybe my confusion is left over from when I didn't see as clearly, like a bad habit. I don't know...I should probably just go to sleep.

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