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Posted on 2005.10.14 at 20:31
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Hmm...so I finished Tokyo Babylon. I can't tell if I am in love with Subaru's character of if I just have so much in common with him that I identify way too much. Regardless, it has to be one of my favorite manga. Gravitation is up there too. I went to a New Age shop today and had my aura photographed. The whole damned thing was red. I read the printout about it, but RED? Definately not what I was expecting. I also was literally buzzing in that place. I don't know if it was the people or the items or just me, but I was almost dizzy and wanted to just put my hands on the ground. Once I left, the feeling left. Go figure. There was this guy who came in and I feel I should have at least asked his name. I felt drawn to him, and I couldn't really explain why. I probably screwed something up. Meh. Anyway, I looked at crystals but didn't feel drawn to any really. I also sifted through countless books and didn't get much from any of them either. Of course if I had a better idea what I was looking for I might have better luck, but all I know at this point is I'll know it when I see it. The only thing I was really drawn to was a banner of the chakras and a blank notebook that had trees and their roots with bright colors on the front. Go figure. Again with the trees.

Oh and I made some people at work uncomfortable because they wanted me to sign a sympathy card for someone who lost his mother. Now, he specifically asked us not to give him a card. He doesn't see death as many people do and his mother wanted to go and had tried by stopping her medicine, but she couldn't stand the pain, so she went back on it. Everyone wrote, sorry for your loss, hang in there, etc. I drew a blank as to what to write. Not seeing death as the end and not seeing it as something negative, I didn't know what to write and be sincere about it. I tried to explain, but I don't think it went over well. I couldn't exactly say, well, see I talk to dead people all the time so I don't really feel she's left because she's all around him now. *sigh* Anyway...I am thinking of doing some readings for a friend tomorrow, just for fun.

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