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Scratches: Director's Cut Game Review

Posted on 2011.08.01 at 21:52
So I beat this game in two days. I did use a little bit of help, mostly because I had the "hints" system turned off and didn't realize it. The strength of this game was it WAS creepy. Not in the jump out and scary you, bloody gore, or distracting sound effects. There are some creepy pictures, many of which are at least very similar to actual paintings, a morbid story you uncover bit by bit, and a run down building. The music is on the creepy end, but there are periods of complete silence or only wind which I personally found more unnerving than the music.

There were two moments I yelped at my computer, however. One I even knew was coming up from having read about how to combine items. Which leads me to my biggest complaint: the control. I am an avid Myst fan, however the camera boasted of having a 360 degree view--at warp speed. I had to adjust to it at first because it seriously was making me a little dizzy. Nothing was self explanatory and I had no instructions to help. Second was that there were a few not so apparent resolutions to the story line, but they were minor and probably only mattered to me because that's half the reason I play a game. Lastly, it was way too short. The "puzzles" were not quite of the caliber of Myst, although some of them were. There were two in particular that were very obscure and even having taken note of the information for one it was basically just guessing within given parameters (letters). I would have preferred the name have been part of a puzzle I had to discern rather than randomly figure out. This also may have been different had I had the hint feature turned on. All in all however, it was entertaining--just very short.

I guess my search for games like Myst, The Longest Journey, and Syberia will continue for now.

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