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The Dream

Posted on 2005.08.22 at 22:07
Current Music: Kelas ~Tayo Awasusi FMA: Conqueror of Shambala Soundtrac
Meh. So tired. Leg sore. I'm actually going to go to bed rather than watch Fullmetal Alchemist. Granted I've seen the episode already, but still...that's saying a lot. Anyway, I have not been feeling particularly well but at the same time very restless. So I decided to write some more of my story. I had stopped because I haven't reinstalled a word processor yet. Oh well, something to do tomorrow. ^_^ None of the posts are in any specific order yet as I type them as they come to me and organize them later.

"Hold on Jun, we're almost there."
"I...I have to rest...ahhh, please." A trickle of blood flowed down her legs.
"Just a little more. Please, we must make it."
"I...I'll try" she panted.

Through the shadows the two figures made their way to a wide open room. There were not lights save the full moonlight shining down through a hole in the cieling onto a raised dias. On the dias there was a smooth stone table.

She fell to her knees, "I...I can't." Her face contorted in pain. Gently, he lifted her small body and laid it upon the stone. She didn't notice the carvings etched into it. Then she screamed.

"Breathe, Jun, breathe." With a glare she attempted to do so before another contraction wracked her body. Sweat was beading up on her skin, her knucles white as she gripped the sides of the stone. She threw her head back with another scream. "Push, Jun." With only the moonlight, it was difficult to see, but it was enough to see the amount of blood she was losing. Much more than before.

"Rrrrrrrahhhh!" she yelled as she fell back panting. Almost in a haze now, her memories started to invade her mind. And she looked up at the full moon...


The full moon was shining brightly in the sky and she sighed. Gently, his hand guided her gaze back to him as he smiled above her. She felt a tingling sensation as if she had a current running through her as she smiled back. "Jun. I love you."

"I love you too." He leaned down to kiss her, leaving them both breathless when they finally parted. "Are you sure?"


"AHHHH!!" She pushed harder in frustration.
"Almost there, Jun. I think I can see the head." He noticed the blood had spread over most of the stone, filling in the runes etched there.

She blinked as she panted. He had told her the birth would be difficult. He had told her few survived such a birth, but she was determined. He was her life, and she was not about to die bearing his child. It's just, her thoughts were becoming increasingly more foggy.

Another scream and the baby was nearly out. He felt her body quivering around him as he tried to help guide the child into this world. And then, the child was born. In the blood he hastily drew a symbol and recited an incantation too quiet for any but the child to hear.

"God above, please bless this child. Watch over this child that he may always walk in the light. Give him the strength to see in the darkness and bring a purifying love to it. May all the angels of heaven watch over you, my son."

Gently he cleaned the baby somewhat and strapped it to himself. The contraption itself was merely cloth and two metal rings woven together to form a cocoon type device. He then picked up his unconscious wife, kissing his brow as he left the shadows to devour the room. He did not notice the eyes watching with interest from behind him.


She sighed as she closed the door. It had been one week since the odd visit with the healer, but his vision remained unchanged. His dreams however had taken on a new meaning. She had even gone so far as to put up a dream catcher. It was quite pretty she thought, having eagle feathers hanging down from the web surrounding quartz. It didn't seem to help though.

"Kiera, how is he?"
"The same. It's always the same type of dream. He sees the healer and follows him down a long desert path littered by old broken buildings from a time long past. Eventually they come to a open area with an ocean of dust and read dirt. But at his feet he sees a purple flower, and just as it starts to bloom he is ripped from that vision and thrown into battling that bastard."
"You should rest, maybe take a day or two and get away for a bit. I can look after him."
"No, he's my brother. I need--"
"You cannot carry the burden of his fate, or his recovery."
She looked sideways, but the squint didn't lessen the fire in her eyes. "You don't understand. He is my brother. I won't leave him." And with that she turned on her foot and left him in the hallway staring after her.


"Aidan, I brought you some sandwiches." She set the plate down on the bedside table and moved to pull his blankets down a bit but jumped when she felt him grab her wrist. "Aidan?"

"I dreamt...I dreamt of the old man." She sighed, but waited patiently. "But this was different. When I saw the purple flower, he spoke to me. 'It is time to wake up.' I told him I didn't understand. 'You are the only one that can pull back the viel from your eyes. You can no longer hide behind it, it is time to wake up.' And then he faded and I watched the flower for a long time."
"AIDAN!" she sobbed as tears filled her eyes.
"I started to cry and screamed at the sky. I screamed that it was unfair and that I wanted to see again. That he said I could lift the veil, but I didn't know what he was talking about. I screamed that I wanted it lifted."
She blinked, as tears slid down her cheeks wordlessly.
"Then I fell to my knees, and I prayed. I prayed to not be a burden to you, I prayed to be able to feed myself and walk and run and see the world again. I prayed to see, even if that meant having to see all the bad. I prayed for the strength to continue to see the good despite everything else. And then..."
"And then?"
He turned to her, looking her in the eyes...and truly seeing her. "I woke up."

The startled half laugh that accompanied the smile would be a moment he never would forget. After all the evil they had seen, they had both come through it together. And as she lurched forward to hug him, he laughed for the first time in two long years and cried.

© Kalla August 22, 2005


neko_cattus at 2005-08-23 19:49 (UTC) (Link)
Hi Autumn. I added you to my friends list. I hope you don't mind.
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