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Posted on 2005.07.11 at 12:04
Current Mood: meh
Current Music: Cold Case Files
Meh, so I sleep for eight hours and haven't since. I've been researching my story a lot, trying to figure out exactly what I want the main plot to be. Trying to figure out the background of characters that start off dead for eight years is kinda annoying. Unfortunately, if I don't solve this issue, the story cannot progress beyond little snippets. There will be something about angels and demons I think, but I'm trying to figure out exactly how it all fits. And if anyone knows any good references, please let me know. I'm also trying to decide if it should be more fantasy or sci-fi. *sigh* If the internet was so cluttered, perhaps I could actually do RESEARCH. But then, I'm the type who while writing my paper on the formation of the solar system had literally twenty books spread out all over my dorm room open to various pages to help me type the 40+ page report. It was kinda said being as I majored in music and foreign languages. I do love astronomy though. I kinda miss the research. I also keep debating over whether or not I should post anything here as I don't know that anyone even reads this thing.

On another note...not playing harp for a couple weeks + praciticing for an hour + calluses having peeled off = sore fingers. At least I can feel the calluses coming back. Never thought I'd be glad to say that. I should pay bills, but I'm refusing to deal with them as they are depressing and they'll still be there tomorrow. I have decided that in the next year or so I need to move. I don't know where yet, but I need to move. I can't wait for autumn to come and see the leaves turn colors. I was just thinking about how it will be coming down the steps to go to school and feeling the damp cool morning filled with the sounds of cawing birds. Hmm...now there's a thought to dream on...

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